YouTube isn’t for everyone

I’ve realized I’m really sporadic at stuff. I’m really good at keeping up with it for a while, and then poof!!! I started my Etsy shop and I love it! For some reason though I thought I needed to do a video YouTube podcast with it though. On top of moving across the county, starting over, and a new job. It was just too much!

I’m hoping that whatever pressure I put on myself to do a video podcast will be very minimally present with a more normal blog. I’ll just write what I’m up to, with lots of pictures of course!!, and share what’s going on when I get a chance.

Right now I’ve rejoined HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup) on Ravelry. I’m playing a term SOS (student on sabbatical) and not a sorted student. I have gotten so many things finished this month!! Four washcloths, a giant shawl, AND a pair of socks!! Not a matching pair, because of when I rejoined, but two socks nonetheless. Holy productivity!!

Anyway, I’ll try to add some pictures of what I’ve finished and keep updating the blog. Hopefully this works out much better!! Feel free to find me on Ravelry as PrncssButtercup and Instagram as Prncss_Buttercup.


Divinely Made Yarns

Divinely Made Yarns
I started an etsy shop! We sold our house in MO, moved to CO, bought a new house, and I started a new business. I’m nuts!!! I’m having a blast and it’s so much fun. I hope you take the time to check it out! 

Divinely Made Yarns

Life has been good. We had a really fun summer hanging out together, camping on weekends, and just enjoying being home together again. 

We started our first year of homeschool in August. Then, hubby got a job offer in Colorado Springs in September! We’ve been applying for over a year and we finally got an offer!! 

So now home life is a little bit crazier. We’ve been slowly remodeling and fixing up the house hoping to put it on the market in Spring. The early job offer pushed everything ahead and now we’re trying to get it ready by October!! It’s been nuts! 

We have school we’re trying to get done every day. Our first year, so there’s lots of bumps and learning. AND trying to get ready to move. My dad is a professional handyman so he’s been over two-three times a week, sometimes more, working on projects and helping us get the house ready. There’s no way we could’ve done it without him!! 

My tiny little house is looking adorable and I’m so excited for this next step. There’s more exciting things coming which includes me needing an office/studio at our new house!! I’m trying to enjoy all these “lasts” that we’re getting to have here and looking forward to so many “firsts” once we get the go-ahead to move. 

I really do have the best husband ever. 


Monday sucked. Monday the 13th is apparently some Bermuda Triangle of bad mojo. Way worse than any Friday the 13th could possibly imagine. 

I went in to work and as previously arranged had changed my schedule with my coworker. That meant that she was leaving early and I was going to be there all day by myself. It was payroll turnover AND new coworker orientation. It was gonna be busy. Fine. I can do busy. 

During lunch break (our busiest time) one of our clothing racks busted and dropped all the tops all over the floor. At the same time that the copier jammed. While I have a line of customers out the door. People waiting on dressing rooms. And just not enough of me to go around. It sucked. I had maintenance and IT on the way, so it would be fine, but still a crappy afternoon dealing with all of it alone. 

I texted hubby just the basics of my grrr afternoon just needing to vent. I knew he couldn’t fix it and didn’t expect him to do anything about it. About 2 hours later he shows up with flowers and a Chai Tea for me. With a sweet little note about how he’s sorry I’m having a rough afternoon and he hopes it gets better soon. Awe. How sweet!! 

Today, my friend Raydeen (from the coffee shop) came into the store. Her first question was if my day was going well. Apparently Patrick had told her why he was there getting me flowers and a tea and she thought it was so sweet she wanted to come down to the store and tell me. Apparently all the ladies at the shop thought it was super sweet. So I got to hang out and brag on my amazing hubby for a bit this afternoon. Not many husbands would go out of their way to get their wifea bunch of herfavorite flowers and a favorite drink just to stop by and say hi. It just made me remember how awesome he is and how truly blessed I am and I hope I never take him for granted. 

I hope we are blessed with many more days filled with belly laughs, tough workouts, and amazing times together. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else! 

A little bit of everything. Just not summer. 

I’ve been playing with my yarn stash this last week quite a bit. Trying to decide what pattern I want to make next or what yarn is speaking to me at the moment. 

One evening I sat down and sorted through my queue and stash on and had a few tabs pulled up at the same time. I now have all my yarn (except my handspun) matched to a project with enough to make a different project every month for the next 3-4 years. Yes, years. 

Now I can just shop in my stash and queue and decide what I want to make next. Of course, I may change my mind on some things between now and when I get to them, but they’re all organized for now! My OCD is very happy right now. 

Also perfect timing because it is snowing…again…today. So I’m just staying inside and knitting hot water bottle cozies while I drink my tea and watch the snow fall. 

Speaking of hot water bottles, I decided about a month or so ago that we were paying too much on our utility bill to heat the house while we were gone or slept. I went out and bought $5 water bottles for everyone and started turning the heat down a bit more at night. We now keep it more on the cool side than the comfortable side when we’re gone or sleeping and bump it up to cool-comfortable when we’re home and awake. The boys get their bottles in line on the kitchen counter while they get ready for bed and as I get them full of hot water I stash them under their covers so their bed is warm when they climb in at night. I just got our next bill and it went down $60 for this month! Score! 

We do have dried corn/rice bags, but they don’t stay warm very long. Maybe 30 minutes. They’re perfect to warm up in the microwave when I get up in the morning and then I hand them to the boys as I get them up to snuggle and stay warm while they get dressed. 

Anyone else have any ideas for saving on heat? I’ve already informed the boys that if they’re cold they need to put on another sweater or socks. Usually they’re complaining that they’re cold and they’re running around in just their pajama pants. Tough luck dude. I’m not cranking up the heat when you can wear more clothes. It’s not like I’ve turned off the heat and I’m making you wear scarves, gloves and a winter coat. Anyway…

So much snow!!!

This is a picture at the beginning of our snow-pocalypse. Just a few inches of snow.

And after building an igloo. It was a one man igloo. Kind of to tempting stay inside since it was quiet and no one else could fit. But too cold!!!
How’s everyone fairing with all the cold and snow?!

Grocery Budgets

So, how much does your family spend per person in groceries? We’re a family of 5 and we spend about $150/week on groceries only. That works out to $120/month/person on food. I’m not sure where else to cut costs. We don’t do boxed meals and try to buy organic/natural as much as possible so I know we’re going to spend more than if we bought more conventional foods. Here’s a look at this weeks grocery bill:
Total items – 47
Total savings – $21.43
Total cost – $150.44


Is this normal? Can we save more? Are we already saving as much as we can? I’ve planned out the menu for the week and reused as much as possible. I did need a few staples this week, but try to buy in bulk as much as I can. Not sure what else to do to help cut costs. Thanks for any suggestions, tips, or ideas!

So far so good.

Well, things are moving along nicely. Hubby is talking to a recruiter this week and we might know by this weekend if re-enlisting is an option for when he graduates with his Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing next May. Otherwise we’ll be relocating as civilians.

The game plan is laid out, everyone knows the basic idea. I love it once we finally reach a decision. Coming to the conclusion is always the hardest part for me.

Also, I’ve been wrestling with the idea of stopping working altogether and I just don’t know if I want to. I’ve enjoyed the mental stimulation (as much as you can get working retail) of just not being home by myself all day. We’re tossing around the idea of taking my hobby and trying to make a very small income from it. Starting an Etsy shop for my hand dyed yarn, hand spun yarn, and hand knit items. Nothing fancy or a huge amount of inventory, but just something that I like doing anyway. We’ll see. It’s the start-up part that is freaking me out mostly right now.

That’s it. I’m giving my notice as work next month. I’m planning out if I want to start a home business and I’ll be crazy busy getting our house ready to sell next spring now that the foundation repair is completed. New paint, trim, doors, etc. One room at a time. And lots of shopping Pinterest for ideas in the mean time. Let’s do this!!

Trying before buying

As part of our plan to get ready for me to stay home again, we’ve decided to forgo using my income in our budget. We have 2 months to see if we can make it work on one income (the math says we can) plus the 1 month notice that I’ll give my work. We should know within those 2 months if it’s gonna actually work or not. Plus not spending my paycheck will help us save that much more for our emergency fund! It’s like a trial run without the commitment. These two posts have really been helpful as we’ve discussed what’s right for our family. And that’s the major point, deciding what’s right for your family.,7fc49d9d-ca9c-e264-d6b5-fe0e39158aeb

Working out of the home was right for our family when I started. And maybe it’ll be right again at some later point. But for right now, I don’t think it is.