Trying before buying

As part of our plan to get ready for me to stay home again, we’ve decided to forgo using my income in our budget. We have 2 months to see if we can make it work on one income (the math says we can) plus the 1 month notice that I’ll give my work. We should know within those 2 months if it’s gonna actually work or not. Plus not spending my paycheck will help us save that much more for our emergency fund! It’s like a trial run without the commitment. These two posts have really been helpful as we’ve discussed what’s right for our family. And that’s the major point, deciding what’s right for your family.,7fc49d9d-ca9c-e264-d6b5-fe0e39158aeb

Working out of the home was right for our family when I started. And maybe it’ll be right again at some later point. But for right now, I don’t think it is.


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