A little bit of everything. Just not summer. 

I’ve been playing with my yarn stash this last week quite a bit. Trying to decide what pattern I want to make next or what yarn is speaking to me at the moment. 

One evening I sat down and sorted through my queue and stash on Ravelry.com and had a few tabs pulled up at the same time. I now have all my yarn (except my handspun) matched to a project with enough to make a different project every month for the next 3-4 years. Yes, years. 

Now I can just shop in my stash and queue and decide what I want to make next. Of course, I may change my mind on some things between now and when I get to them, but they’re all organized for now! My OCD is very happy right now. 

Also perfect timing because it is snowing…again…today. So I’m just staying inside and knitting hot water bottle cozies while I drink my tea and watch the snow fall. 

Speaking of hot water bottles, I decided about a month or so ago that we were paying too much on our utility bill to heat the house while we were gone or slept. I went out and bought $5 water bottles for everyone and started turning the heat down a bit more at night. We now keep it more on the cool side than the comfortable side when we’re gone or sleeping and bump it up to cool-comfortable when we’re home and awake. The boys get their bottles in line on the kitchen counter while they get ready for bed and as I get them full of hot water I stash them under their covers so their bed is warm when they climb in at night. I just got our next bill and it went down $60 for this month! Score! 

We do have dried corn/rice bags, but they don’t stay warm very long. Maybe 30 minutes. They’re perfect to warm up in the microwave when I get up in the morning and then I hand them to the boys as I get them up to snuggle and stay warm while they get dressed. 

Anyone else have any ideas for saving on heat? I’ve already informed the boys that if they’re cold they need to put on another sweater or socks. Usually they’re complaining that they’re cold and they’re running around in just their pajama pants. Tough luck dude. I’m not cranking up the heat when you can wear more clothes. It’s not like I’ve turned off the heat and I’m making you wear scarves, gloves and a winter coat. Anyway…


So much snow!!!

This is a picture at the beginning of our snow-pocalypse. Just a few inches of snow.

And after building an igloo. It was a one man igloo. Kind of to tempting stay inside since it was quiet and no one else could fit. But too cold!!!
How’s everyone fairing with all the cold and snow?!