2015 Goals

Now that we’re definitely well into 2015 I’ve finally come up with a list of goals for this year. Part of the delay was me being lazy, and prt of the delay was wanting to chose goals that I’ll actually stick to! Personal goals, financial goals, family goals, etc. So here’s my goals, or at least my goals so far.

1. Clean the house daily.
I really struggle with this now that I’m working. I’ve gotten to the point that some days I don’t even wipe down the table after dinner despite all the sticky spots that are evidently there. Just wiping the counters and sweeping floors would do a lot of good around here.

2. Exercise more.
I’d like to keep running and training to run at least 3 different 5K races this year. I only was able to run 1 last year due to forced breaks and slow training.

3. Cook and Bake more from scratch.
With real, whole food. I’ve been following 100 Days of Real Food blog for a while, but getting my boys on board has not been the easiest. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

4. Ride my bike more.
For short errands. The grocery store is only 1 mile away. Straight down the road. I should save the gas and get my exercise in at the same time. As soon as I figure out how to get all those groceries back home. Or just make multiple trips. Ummm.

5. Start a container garden on the back patio.
I’m hoping that we can finish fixing up and then list our house in order to move in the next year or so. I don’t want to go through all the effort of digging up a garden for one year. A container garden should be an easier start and portable for when we move. Plus, fresh veggies!

6. Create a better budget/organization system.
I’m working on a Home Management Binder. With daily and monthly calendars, cleaning schedules, bill organizers, menu and grocery lists, etc. Hopefully I’ll have it put together by the end of February so I can test run it and tweak anything in March and April before I start staying home full-time again in May.

That’s it! Hopefully I’ll be able to work my way through this list and stick to it. If not, they may get tossed out or added to next years goals. That’s the point though right? Setting goals. Something to aim for, but no shame in missing.


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