Grocery Budgets

So, how much does your family spend per person in groceries? We’re a family of 5 and we spend about $150/week on groceries only. That works out to $120/month/person on food. I’m not sure where else to cut costs. We don’t do boxed meals and try to buy organic/natural as much as possible so I know we’re going to spend more than if we bought more conventional foods. Here’s a look at this weeks grocery bill:
Total items – 47
Total savings – $21.43
Total cost – $150.44


Is this normal? Can we save more? Are we already saving as much as we can? I’ve planned out the menu for the week and reused as much as possible. I did need a few staples this week, but try to buy in bulk as much as I can. Not sure what else to do to help cut costs. Thanks for any suggestions, tips, or ideas!