I really do have the best husband ever. 


Monday sucked. Monday the 13th is apparently some Bermuda Triangle of bad mojo. Way worse than any Friday the 13th could possibly imagine. 

I went in to work and as previously arranged had changed my schedule with my coworker. That meant that she was leaving early and I was going to be there all day by myself. It was payroll turnover AND new coworker orientation. It was gonna be busy. Fine. I can do busy. 

During lunch break (our busiest time) one of our clothing racks busted and dropped all the tops all over the floor. At the same time that the copier jammed. While I have a line of customers out the door. People waiting on dressing rooms. And just not enough of me to go around. It sucked. I had maintenance and IT on the way, so it would be fine, but still a crappy afternoon dealing with all of it alone. 

I texted hubby just the basics of my grrr afternoon just needing to vent. I knew he couldn’t fix it and didn’t expect him to do anything about it. About 2 hours later he shows up with flowers and a Chai Tea for me. With a sweet little note about how he’s sorry I’m having a rough afternoon and he hopes it gets better soon. Awe. How sweet!! 

Today, my friend Raydeen (from the coffee shop) came into the store. Her first question was if my day was going well. Apparently Patrick had told her why he was there getting me flowers and a tea and she thought it was so sweet she wanted to come down to the store and tell me. Apparently all the ladies at the shop thought it was super sweet. So I got to hang out and brag on my amazing hubby for a bit this afternoon. Not many husbands would go out of their way to get their wifea bunch of herfavorite flowers and a favorite drink just to stop by and say hi. It just made me remember how awesome he is and how truly blessed I am and I hope I never take him for granted. 

I hope we are blessed with many more days filled with belly laughs, tough workouts, and amazing times together. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else!