Going back to the job I love.

I started working out of the home for the first time in almost 10 years about 15 months ago. I’d done a lot of volunteering and other non-paid jobs during that time, but my main focus was on my home and my boys.

Then my husband graduated nursing school and got a job. Then he switched floors and got paid less for better day shift hours. About that time my youngest started kindergarten. So I got a full-time retail job. It’s retail. I hated it. After about 6 months I was able to somehow convince them to let me switch to part-time afternoons.

Then summer break came. We had it all planned out. Childcare, back-up care, everything. Then 3 weeks into summer our main provider ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks. Our boys hated the back-up care. It was the worst month ever.

Finally school started back up. But things just aren’t going as smoothly as I want. One month into the new school year Hubby switched companies completely. He’s making more now than both of us put together before he switched and he’s due for a significant promotion by summer.

I’ve been doing a lot of planning and prepping and we finally decided that I’m going to put my notice in at work. My last day will be about 1 week before the boys’ last day since there’s so many end-of-school activities. I’m thrilled. I’m trying to save up as much as I can to help build our savings account even more before I quit. I’ve got our monthly budget adjusted and planned so we’ll be all set. Only 3 more months of retail!!


Back to normal-whatever that is.

How do people decide what to write about? Based on what’s going on in their life? What they care about? What they wish they could be like? In that case…

My boys went back to school this week. I packed lots of lunches. I cleaned…a lot. I worked. Hubby worked. I cooked and shopped and did all those things you have to do. I had a minor meltdown on Tuesday.

We’re in the process of having to replace the foundation for part of our house. (Not cheap and not fun). While hubby was home on Tuesday he decided to rearrange the living room. He turned off the heat to that room so he wouldn’t overheat from all the work. When he turned the heat back on the breaker flipped off and wouldn’t flip back on. Great. We now have no heat in the middle of January. I can do this. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to be an adult and deal with all of this. 30 minutes later I grew up, we pulled the cover off and reattached the wires that had come apart when he bumped the heater while moving the furniture. He screwed everything back together and TADA! we have heat again. Thank God.

I got my hair cut. I did dishes, a lot. I knit, I read (I’m on Voyager – 3rd book in the Outlander series), I played video games. (I’m not very good, but it’s fun to do with all my boys). We drove out to the farm to pick up milk. I watched some tv. I’m caught up on OUAT, Bones and Grimm and I’m about one season behind on Supernatural and Doctor Who. Today is church and tonight is Life Groups. Pretty normal for around here.

I’ve realized that in the next two weeks is hubby’s birthday and Valentines Day is right after. I should probably start thinking about what to do. Yep, that’s basically it. Not very exciting, and totally normal.

A Wonderfully Boring Weekend

I didn’t really get a chance to post anything this weekend. It was our 11th anniversary so hubby and I spent the day together celebrating.

We got up and got the boys all ready, dropped them off at my parents house (Thanks Nana and Papa!!!) and headed out.

What did we do? Super romantic stuff.

Like eat breakfast at the local crepe shop and then head over to the Farmers Market. From there we went clothes shopping for me since I was needing to replace some of my work clothes. We headed over to the local climbing place to pick up some new shirts for hubby and then grabbed the rest of our groceries from the Natural Market next door. After all that we stopped by the local bike shop and got a “pajama” (rain tarp) for hubby’s bike since it had started raining and he had to work that night. A bite for lunch and then we killed the last hour by ourselves wandering around the camping/hiking store before heading back over to pick up the boys.

Of course we were greeted by our ninjas hiding behind the corners of my parents house ready to ambush us upon arrival. After lots of hugs, giggles, and running around we eventually got them all loaded into the van so we could go drop Dad off at work.

Most would say it was a boring day. Hardly a celebration. I’ll give you that. The best part though? Spending it with my hubby. No kids whining. No listening to grumping. No breaking up fighting. Just happy, pleasant, adult conversation with just the two of us.


Holistic Healing

You’re probably thinking, what is that?

Knowing what herbs to take to cure a headache from the cellular level instead of just reaching for modern medicine to cover up the symptom.
Knowing how and why a cup of chamomile tea works to help you sleep at night instead of reaching for the prescription sleeping pills and not having to worry about crazy side effects. Knowing that your diet plays a huge role in your health. Counting chemicals in your diet instead of counting calories.
Some herbs can be dangerous or hazardous. Some can be beneficial and helpful. Treating the whole person and curing the problem or preventing the problem to begin with.
The foods you eat can cause health problems just as much as eating the right foods can cure you. Maybe not cure you of cancer (and maybe it can) but cure you of why you have a headache and not just cover up the symptom of the headache. Cure you of a cold and not just treat the symptoms. Achieve a healthy body, and I don’t mean skinny, I mean healthy from the inside out. Chemically balanced, healthy.
Why is this such a foreign idea in today’s society? Why aren’t more people reaching for apples and broccoli instead of Tylenol and Benadryl?
I want to learn where we went wrong as a society? When did the drug company’s take over instead of natural nutritionists? Not the nutritionists that tell you diet sodas are healthy for you, or egg yolks are bad for your cholesterol. The ones that are willing to tell you all soda is crap, and whole foods are best, not chemically made up fake food. When did we become willing to pay doctors and pharmacists to give us drugs that cover up our symptoms rather than cure the problems? When did we quit caring how things effect our bodies?

When did that happen?

As I sit here with my cup of tea I’m wondering when my life changed so much?

I know the date my best friend left the country to go teach English overseas.
I know the date that my husband accepted his nursing position which included crazy weekend and overnight hours. But I can’t figure out when we turned into “crazy” homeopathic people that no longer fit in with our church friends.

We line dry our clothes…that we’ve washed with homemade laundry soap. We buy as much local, organic foods as we can. We buy raw milk from a local farm. My husband commutes by bicycle most days (and nights) of the week. I work part time out of the home during school hours and we don’t homeschool our boys. We drink alcohol, my husband loves a local craft beer. I knit socks and sweaters for us. We own and shoot guns and I’m working on my CCW.

Somehow all of these things make us strange to the “normal” church goer. We’re the odd ducks out because we’re happy and content with all 5 of us in our little 1,200 square foot home. We’re blessed with our two used almost finally paid-off vehicles. We don’t have cable. We don’t take exciting vacations. We barely have any debt and we live within our means. Apparently this makes us weird.

I don’t understand and if anyone could explain to me why we can’t find a family to at least sit by at church and then go out for drinks afterwards that’d be great. Forget the drinks after church; ice cream after church and then drinks on the weekend is fine. Just someone else I’m not related to to hang out with. Talk about life with. Share joy with. I’m just looking for a friend.

Becoming Farmers

When we bought our house 6.5 years ago our plan was to live in our house until my husband graduated RN school or 5 years. He just graduated this last spring and we were hoping to sell this summer. That didn’t happen. Then we were trying really hard to get the house ready to sell in the Spring. Only 2 years late! And then we watched 5 houses go up for sale on out street this spring and just sit. No bites, no showings, nothing.

After lots of discussion and planning we’ve decided to just settle down for a few more years, and maybe even just stay and retire here. To make things more interesting we’re still finishing up updating the house and landscaping the yard. While discussing things, we decided to start a garden and a mini-micro-farm. In other words, chickens.
Thankfully pigs aren’t allowed in city limits because my boys really wanted baby pigs and I don’t. My boys are thrilled to learn how to be farmers, so we’ll see how things go! It’ll definitely be a learning experience for all of us!!

Divine Boobies!!


I was at the LYS (local yarn store) last week and while shopping, saw a bunch of boobs sitting on the check out counter. Curious I went over to have a look. The shop employee saw me looking and proceeded to tell me about a great opportunity!! Knitted Boobies!! Why have I never heard about these before?!

She handed me a copy of a free pattern (yay!) and explained about knitting breasts for mastectomy patients. Silicone prosthetics are quite expensive and not all patients can afford them, even with health insurance. Plus it takes forever to get fitted for them and then get them back in. Knitted ta-tas only take about an hour or so to make depending on the size made and speed of the crafter. Plus they’re soft and light enough that patients can wear them home from the hospital if they so choose!!

I went home and at first opportunity sat down with some leftover yarn (blue) and made a size B boob. I’ve got enough skin colored yarn for about 6-8 more breasts, depending on the sizes, but I didn’t want to screw up on a “real” one, hence the blue boob.

The shop is having a Knit-A-Tit knit-in in October and will be donating all the tits to the local cancer foundation. I’m excited to be able to help out. I just wish we could find a cure for cancer and the breasts weren’t necessary.

Sandwich-plus Meal Plan

I spent most of this weekend baking and freezing muffins and turnovers for the boys. I just used a basic muffin recipe and then added the filling or other ingredients depending on what we had on hand.

We ended up with banana muffins, banana-strawberry muffins, pepperoni pizza muffins, ham and cheese muffins, blueberry muffins, and pancake and sausage muffins.

I still have strawberry pop-tarts, pepperoni and sausage pizza pockets, and ham and cheese pockets to go. I’m hoping having the main part of their lunch prepped ahead of time will make packing lunches go smoother. For the amount of work, it better. I’ll let you know next week.

Oh, here’s our freezer full of muffins:


A New School Year….

Well, this year was a big one. All my boys are in school. Oldest is in fifth grade, Middle is in third grade (both are now on the “big” side of elementary school) and Youngest started his first day of kindergarten.

There were some nerves when we got there. Which I honestly wasn’t expecting. He’s been so excited for 2 years now counting down and waiting for his turn to go to school too.

One little girl was bawling, but what would kindergarten be like if someone didn’t cry? She was a bit more pulled together by the time everyone got to class.

Youngest walked in line to his class showed us his spot and then gave me a huge bear hug. We waited for him to adjust for a minute talking about all his new friends and taking silly pictures. He finally smiled and was ready for us to leave. He knows the drill, he’ll be fine.

Dad and I came home and he went down to sleep (he worked last night and works again tonight). I did dishes, started laundry, ate breakfast and then sat down to read a book. I think a nap might be in order later, I didn’t get much sleep last night.

It’s going to be a good day, and by next week it’ll be routine to drop them all off together. But today, it was a big deal.