Divinely Made Yarns

Life has been good. We had a really fun summer hanging out together, camping on weekends, and just enjoying being home together again. 

We started our first year of homeschool in August. Then, hubby got a job offer in Colorado Springs in September! We’ve been applying for over a year and we finally got an offer!! 

So now home life is a little bit crazier. We’ve been slowly remodeling and fixing up the house hoping to put it on the market in Spring. The early job offer pushed everything ahead and now we’re trying to get it ready by October!! It’s been nuts! 

We have school we’re trying to get done every day. Our first year, so there’s lots of bumps and learning. AND trying to get ready to move. My dad is a professional handyman so he’s been over two-three times a week, sometimes more, working on projects and helping us get the house ready. There’s no way we could’ve done it without him!! 

My tiny little house is looking adorable and I’m so excited for this next step. There’s more exciting things coming which includes me needing an office/studio at our new house!! I’m trying to enjoy all these “lasts” that we’re getting to have here and looking forward to so many “firsts” once we get the go-ahead to move. 


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