YouTube isn’t for everyone

I’ve realized I’m really sporadic at stuff. I’m really good at keeping up with it for a while, and then poof!!! I started my Etsy shop and I love it! For some reason though I thought I needed to do a video YouTube podcast with it though. On top of moving across the county, starting over, and a new job. It was just too much!

I’m hoping that whatever pressure I put on myself to do a video podcast will be very minimally present with a more normal blog. I’ll just write what I’m up to, with lots of pictures of course!!, and share what’s going on when I get a chance.

Right now I’ve rejoined HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup) on Ravelry. I’m playing a term SOS (student on sabbatical) and not a sorted student. I have gotten so many things finished this month!! Four washcloths, a giant shawl, AND a pair of socks!! Not a matching pair, because of when I rejoined, but two socks nonetheless. Holy productivity!!

Anyway, I’ll try to add some pictures of what I’ve finished and keep updating the blog. Hopefully this works out much better!! Feel free to find me on Ravelry as PrncssButtercup and Instagram as Prncss_Buttercup.


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