Sandwich-plus Meal Plan

I spent most of this weekend baking and freezing muffins and turnovers for the boys. I just used a basic muffin recipe and then added the filling or other ingredients depending on what we had on hand.

We ended up with banana muffins, banana-strawberry muffins, pepperoni pizza muffins, ham and cheese muffins, blueberry muffins, and pancake and sausage muffins.

I still have strawberry pop-tarts, pepperoni and sausage pizza pockets, and ham and cheese pockets to go. I’m hoping having the main part of their lunch prepped ahead of time will make packing lunches go smoother. For the amount of work, it better. I’ll let you know next week.

Oh, here’s our freezer full of muffins:



A New School Year….

Well, this year was a big one. All my boys are in school. Oldest is in fifth grade, Middle is in third grade (both are now on the “big” side of elementary school) and Youngest started his first day of kindergarten.

There were some nerves when we got there. Which I honestly wasn’t expecting. He’s been so excited for 2 years now counting down and waiting for his turn to go to school too.

One little girl was bawling, but what would kindergarten be like if someone didn’t cry? She was a bit more pulled together by the time everyone got to class.

Youngest walked in line to his class showed us his spot and then gave me a huge bear hug. We waited for him to adjust for a minute talking about all his new friends and taking silly pictures. He finally smiled and was ready for us to leave. He knows the drill, he’ll be fine.

Dad and I came home and he went down to sleep (he worked last night and works again tonight). I did dishes, started laundry, ate breakfast and then sat down to read a book. I think a nap might be in order later, I didn’t get much sleep last night.

It’s going to be a good day, and by next week it’ll be routine to drop them all off together. But today, it was a big deal.

On Second Thought…

We always go grocery shopping on Fridays & Saturdays. It’s when we get paid and when the farmer’s markets are open. I try to meal plan and make up a list Thursday night so we’re all set to go.

Well, this next week school starts. So I had to make sure I bought enough for school lunches too; and not our traditional throw everything together and call it lunch. Summer lunches are pretty lax around here. It’s all edible and healthy, it may just not necessarily “go” together. I can’t do that for school! It took more thought and planning this week than I’ve had to do for the past few months.

While I was home putting things away and portioning out the bigger containers I got to thinking. I don’t know if I bought enough! A single can of fruit in juice only makes 4 lunch servings around here. I also need enough portions left for after school snacks when the kids are home. And weekend snacks. And snacks for my hubby to take to work. And now I’m really thinking I definitely didn’t buy enough food. I may be making a second grocery run Tuesday night to stock up on lunch items so I can feed my boys.

Does anyone else have this problem too? Please tell me I’m not alone here. I plan, I prep, and my boys eat it all in the blink of an eye. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to keep up with their appetites when they get out of elementary school.

Another School Year Begins

Well, next week we begin another school year. We have been crazy busy this past year. Youngest was in preschool, husband was in his last year of RN school and Oldest was in baseball.

Well, Hubby has graduated and is now working night shift – which is a huge change for us. Baseball season has finally finish for my Oldest. He was on the city’s team, and then was selected for the All City tournament. His team did very well and finally lost 2 games away from the championship. Go Team!! Middle and Youngest have been very patient as we get things done around the house when we have time.

My goal this next school year is to hopefully blog a bit more and get the house fixed up. We pulled the carpet out because it was disgusting and are just walking around on the plywood under flooring right now. We’ve updated the main bathroom and the kitchen, so it’ll just take time as we go room to room as we have the funds.

We’ve started a more holistic/natural approach to our life. Eating mainly vegetarian and any meat from local suppliers. Mostly shopping at local small businesses and farmer’s markets. We’ve helped supplement by learning how to make a lot of things on our own as well. Laundry soap, hand soap, etc. I already spin yarn, knit and crochet so I’ve been making a lot of things too. I finally got a bread machine for my birthday last week, and it has been a delicious addition to my tiny kitchen.

I can’t wait to see what all I’m going to get accomplished when the boys all go back to school next week!! With their lunch bags (sewn by mom) and healthier food options.