Going back to the job I love.

I started working out of the home for the first time in almost 10 years about 15 months ago. I’d done a lot of volunteering and other non-paid jobs during that time, but my main focus was on my home and my boys.

Then my husband graduated nursing school and got a job. Then he switched floors and got paid less for better day shift hours. About that time my youngest started kindergarten. So I got a full-time retail job. It’s retail. I hated it. After about 6 months I was able to somehow convince them to let me switch to part-time afternoons.

Then summer break came. We had it all planned out. Childcare, back-up care, everything. Then 3 weeks into summer our main provider ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks. Our boys hated the back-up care. It was the worst month ever.

Finally school started back up. But things just aren’t going as smoothly as I want. One month into the new school year Hubby switched companies completely. He’s making more now than both of us put together before he switched and he’s due for a significant promotion by summer.

I’ve been doing a lot of planning and prepping and we finally decided that I’m going to put my notice in at work. My last day will be about 1 week before the boys’ last day since there’s so many end-of-school activities. I’m thrilled. I’m trying to save up as much as I can to help build our savings account even more before I quit. I’ve got our monthly budget adjusted and planned so we’ll be all set. Only 3 more months of retail!!


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