Back to normal-whatever that is.

How do people decide what to write about? Based on what’s going on in their life? What they care about? What they wish they could be like? In that case…

My boys went back to school this week. I packed lots of lunches. I cleaned…a lot. I worked. Hubby worked. I cooked and shopped and did all those things you have to do. I had a minor meltdown on Tuesday.

We’re in the process of having to replace the foundation for part of our house. (Not cheap and not fun). While hubby was home on Tuesday he decided to rearrange the living room. He turned off the heat to that room so he wouldn’t overheat from all the work. When he turned the heat back on the breaker flipped off and wouldn’t flip back on. Great. We now have no heat in the middle of January. I can do this. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to be an adult and deal with all of this. 30 minutes later I grew up, we pulled the cover off and reattached the wires that had come apart when he bumped the heater while moving the furniture. He screwed everything back together and TADA! we have heat again. Thank God.

I got my hair cut. I did dishes, a lot. I knit, I read (I’m on Voyager – 3rd book in the Outlander series), I played video games. (I’m not very good, but it’s fun to do with all my boys). We drove out to the farm to pick up milk. I watched some tv. I’m caught up on OUAT, Bones and Grimm and I’m about one season behind on Supernatural and Doctor Who. Today is church and tonight is Life Groups. Pretty normal for around here.

I’ve realized that in the next two weeks is hubby’s birthday and Valentines Day is right after. I should probably start thinking about what to do. Yep, that’s basically it. Not very exciting, and totally normal.


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