A Wonderfully Boring Weekend

I didn’t really get a chance to post anything this weekend. It was our 11th anniversary so hubby and I spent the day together celebrating.

We got up and got the boys all ready, dropped them off at my parents house (Thanks Nana and Papa!!!) and headed out.

What did we do? Super romantic stuff.

Like eat breakfast at the local crepe shop and then head over to the Farmers Market. From there we went clothes shopping for me since I was needing to replace some of my work clothes. We headed over to the local climbing place to pick up some new shirts for hubby and then grabbed the rest of our groceries from the Natural Market next door. After all that we stopped by the local bike shop and got a “pajama” (rain tarp) for hubby’s bike since it had started raining and he had to work that night. A bite for lunch and then we killed the last hour by ourselves wandering around the camping/hiking store before heading back over to pick up the boys.

Of course we were greeted by our ninjas hiding behind the corners of my parents house ready to ambush us upon arrival. After lots of hugs, giggles, and running around we eventually got them all loaded into the van so we could go drop Dad off at work.

Most would say it was a boring day. Hardly a celebration. I’ll give you that. The best part though? Spending it with my hubby. No kids whining. No listening to grumping. No breaking up fighting. Just happy, pleasant, adult conversation with just the two of us.



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