Holistic Healing

You’re probably thinking, what is that?

Knowing what herbs to take to cure a headache from the cellular level instead of just reaching for modern medicine to cover up the symptom.
Knowing how and why a cup of chamomile tea works to help you sleep at night instead of reaching for the prescription sleeping pills and not having to worry about crazy side effects. Knowing that your diet plays a huge role in your health. Counting chemicals in your diet instead of counting calories.
Some herbs can be dangerous or hazardous. Some can be beneficial and helpful. Treating the whole person and curing the problem or preventing the problem to begin with.
The foods you eat can cause health problems just as much as eating the right foods can cure you. Maybe not cure you of cancer (and maybe it can) but cure you of why you have a headache and not just cover up the symptom of the headache. Cure you of a cold and not just treat the symptoms. Achieve a healthy body, and I don’t mean skinny, I mean healthy from the inside out. Chemically balanced, healthy.
Why is this such a foreign idea in today’s society? Why aren’t more people reaching for apples and broccoli instead of Tylenol and Benadryl?
I want to learn where we went wrong as a society? When did the drug company’s take over instead of natural nutritionists? Not the nutritionists that tell you diet sodas are healthy for you, or egg yolks are bad for your cholesterol. The ones that are willing to tell you all soda is crap, and whole foods are best, not chemically made up fake food. When did we become willing to pay doctors and pharmacists to give us drugs that cover up our symptoms rather than cure the problems? When did we quit caring how things effect our bodies?


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