When did that happen?

As I sit here with my cup of tea I’m wondering when my life changed so much?

I know the date my best friend left the country to go teach English overseas.
I know the date that my husband accepted his nursing position which included crazy weekend and overnight hours. But I can’t figure out when we turned into “crazy” homeopathic people that no longer fit in with our church friends.

We line dry our clothes…that we’ve washed with homemade laundry soap. We buy as much local, organic foods as we can. We buy raw milk from a local farm. My husband commutes by bicycle most days (and nights) of the week. I work part time out of the home during school hours and we don’t homeschool our boys. We drink alcohol, my husband loves a local craft beer. I knit socks and sweaters for us. We own and shoot guns and I’m working on my CCW.

Somehow all of these things make us strange to the “normal” church goer. We’re the odd ducks out because we’re happy and content with all 5 of us in our little 1,200 square foot home. We’re blessed with our two used almost finally paid-off vehicles. We don’t have cable. We don’t take exciting vacations. We barely have any debt and we live within our means. Apparently this makes us weird.

I don’t understand and if anyone could explain to me why we can’t find a family to at least sit by at church and then go out for drinks afterwards that’d be great. Forget the drinks after church; ice cream after church and then drinks on the weekend is fine. Just someone else I’m not related to to hang out with. Talk about life with. Share joy with. I’m just looking for a friend.


One thought on “When did that happen?

  1. I admire your self sufficiency and wish we were more like you. I am definitely not crafty and not good at even keeping a plant alive let alone growing my food. We don’t really have people we hang out with either other than the pastor and his family.

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