Divine Boobies!!


I was at the LYS (local yarn store) last week and while shopping, saw a bunch of boobs sitting on the check out counter. Curious I went over to have a look. The shop employee saw me looking and proceeded to tell me about a great opportunity!! Knitted Boobies!! Why have I never heard about these before?!

She handed me a copy of a free pattern (yay!) and explained about knitting breasts for mastectomy patients. Silicone prosthetics are quite expensive and not all patients can afford them, even with health insurance. Plus it takes forever to get fitted for them and then get them back in. Knitted ta-tas only take about an hour or so to make depending on the size made and speed of the crafter. Plus they’re soft and light enough that patients can wear them home from the hospital if they so choose!!

I went home and at first opportunity sat down with some leftover yarn (blue) and made a size B boob. I’ve got enough skin colored yarn for about 6-8 more breasts, depending on the sizes, but I didn’t want to screw up on a “real” one, hence the blue boob.

The shop is having a Knit-A-Tit knit-in in October and will be donating all the tits to the local cancer foundation. I’m excited to be able to help out. I just wish we could find a cure for cancer and the breasts weren’t necessary.


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