Another School Year Begins

Well, next week we begin another school year. We have been crazy busy this past year. Youngest was in preschool, husband was in his last year of RN school and Oldest was in baseball.

Well, Hubby has graduated and is now working night shift – which is a huge change for us. Baseball season has finally finish for my Oldest. He was on the city’s team, and then was selected for the All City tournament. His team did very well and finally lost 2 games away from the championship. Go Team!! Middle and Youngest have been very patient as we get things done around the house when we have time.

My goal this next school year is to hopefully blog a bit more and get the house fixed up. We pulled the carpet out because it was disgusting and are just walking around on the plywood under flooring right now. We’ve updated the main bathroom and the kitchen, so it’ll just take time as we go room to room as we have the funds.

We’ve started a more holistic/natural approach to our life. Eating mainly vegetarian and any meat from local suppliers. Mostly shopping at local small businesses and farmer’s markets. We’ve helped supplement by learning how to make a lot of things on our own as well. Laundry soap, hand soap, etc. I already spin yarn, knit and crochet so I’ve been making a lot of things too. I finally got a bread machine for my birthday last week, and it has been a delicious addition to my tiny kitchen.

I can’t wait to see what all I’m going to get accomplished when the boys all go back to school next week!! With their lunch bags (sewn by mom) and healthier food options.


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